It's unacceptable if Members of the European Parliament have to use a service provided by an American company and agree to their Terms of Service in order to exercise the mandate. Representing citizens must not be conditioned upon using iCloud.

@marcel_kolaja What the actual fuck. So after resolution supporting open-source and the day after starting two antitrust probes against Apple somebody decided to force MEPs and their teams to buy thousands of Apple devices and lock them into their ecosystem when all they need is a web app?

It is unacceptable to have to agree to T&Cs of *any* company in order to exercise your mandate.

I've successfully refused to take exams and use public services in the past that would have required me to agree to someone's T&Cs on the grounds that my access to the administration cannot be made contingent on my entering a contract with a private third party.

And I wasn't representing half a billion people.


Cc @kaerF


@0 @ondra @kaerF That's right. The fact that that company is Apple makes it even more bizarre.

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