The right and duty to exercise the mandate of a Member of the European Parliament and to represent the will of European citizens can't be conditioned upon agreeing to the Terms of Service of a particular corporation.

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@marcel_kolaja Please tell me people responsible for this app were fired already... Judging by the video in the Netzpolitik article ( there's absolutely no reason to actually use iCloud except to install this amateurish app that just generates a PDF.
All of this can be replaced by a simple web app (basically just a form) that would work on any device without any sign-in required.

@ondra Ultimately responsible are the elected representatives of citizens who decided to use this app. It's only the citizens who can fire them after the end of their current term.

@marcel_kolaja It would be nice if every representative understood consequences of their technological choices but even majority of citizens doesn't so of course the representatives they elect won't understand either.
However, this choice was made by internal department staffed by unelected people on which representatives delegate their technological choices. These internal people have to bare some responsibility.

@marcel_kolaja Not to mention their abysmal developer skills and zero experience with backends, apparently. Which they completely replaced with iCloud. :)

@ondra What kind of responsibility would you expect when the elected representatives are satisfied with the outcome?

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