ACT NOW to prevent national governments from dismantling encryption! You can help by sending an e-mail to the representative of your country in the Council. Read more and find draft letters in several European languages in my latest blog post.

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@marcel_kolaja Thanks for your great work. It's just so important for civil liberties and digital literacy to be staunchly upheld by someone in parliament in these times.

I have the unsettling feeling that without #PirateParty the public wouldn't even be informed of such plans. The surveillance nightmare would just advance, one fait accompli at a time.

Keep it up! It makes me feel represented.

@quincy @marcel_kolaja Wrote them an email. I am afraid the tone was not really diplomatic.

@maikek @marcel_kolaja I still haven't gotten around to doing it.

@marcel_kolaja Is this the kind of process that will also involve a public consultation at some point?

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