Super, že se o tom píše! Ideálně bychom měli všichni zveřejňovat, za co tyhle peníze utrácíme. Bylo by to fér vůči daňovým poplatníkům. Tomáš Zdechovský si podle vlastních slov vede evidenci výdajů. Tak doufám, že se přidá v transparentnosti k pirátským europoslancům. :-)

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This is why the #2009 parliamentary #expenses scandal (#Westminster) could have never happened in #Brussels / #Strasbourg.

Simply because it was “legal to steal”, as it were. 😜

I for one I'm glad that there are people like the #Pirates (though I didn't vote you!) taking #EUParl seriously, thanks! 👍

@0 The situation is extremely absurd. There are rules defining what the money can be used for. However, MEPs are not required to keep any evidence. Hence, there's no way how to verify whether these rules were complied with. Concering the voting, you can always start. 🙂


> Concering the voting, you can always start. 🙂

I might, actually. 😜

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