How will the European citizens benefit from the ?

That's precisely what we are going to discuss together with four experts on the matter this Thursday from 5 p.m.

Who are the experts that will join? Let me introduce them:


1) Prabhat Agarwal: The Commission's head of unit in charge of drafting the Digital Markets Act. He will speak about the legislation proposal.

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2) Vanessa Turner: Senior Advisor on Competition at BEUC. She will address the legislation proposal from the consumer's perspective.

3) Anna Colaps: Member of the Cabinet of the European Data Protection Supervisor. Her focus is data protection of citizens.

4) And last but not least, Cory @doctorow ( @pluralistic ): An award-winning science fiction author and Special Advisor at the @eff. The Electronic Frontier Foundation defends citizens' civil liberties in the digital world.

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