The European citizens want equal access to content on-line. Hence, it's disappointing to hear from the Commission that they have no plans before the end of 2022 whatsoever to propose any kind of measures to abolish unjustified geo-blocking.

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@marcel_kolaja 👍 Bonus points for #PeerTube instead of Facebook or Twitter videos!


> Bonus points for #PeerTube

I'm actually ambivalent about that, as it doesn't solve the #privacy issue and might exacerbate it for some people. But I can't offer a better solution either. 🤷



The one where information that you may not want disclosed gets disclosed. 🙂

With #PeerTube you have small instances with small audiences. Instead of getting lost in the crowd you stand out like a sore thumb. Or your #IP + metadata does, and with that + €300 worth of “targeted advertising” data from any of a number of providers it's fairly trivial to de-anonymise visitors.


@ondra @marcel_kolaja

If you were someone who hates whichever vulnerable group, you could set up an instance targeting that group and apply the aforesaid techniques to get names and addresses. And if you are careful, you could do that without much accountability.

As you can see, #PeerTube and #federation in general address some privacy issues but at the cost of creating others, which need to be addressed too.

@Unknown @Marcel Kolaja

There is much more than anonymity of visitors coming with PeerTube.

It is a whole infrastructure (supports instance following) connected with social networks (ActivityPub)
It can grow different public and different visitor structure than "platforms" so it actually is unique communication channel
It can be run on sustainable energy and sustainable infrastructure with other sites like social hubs

The site should be updated and videos are stuck buffering often.
I run PeerTube on Nvidia Jetson Nano board and it is much faster and smoother, maybe Pirates should revisit what are they running it on and video encoding.
@Marcel Kolaja Geoblocking is inherent in the TV / Film distribution. Any sales are territory based. It is actually beneficial for small countries or local distributors. If they have to buy licence for the whole Europe, where they cannot distribute, it would make no sense economically. Only big distributors could do it and it would harm culture, because local distributors can do better knowing local conditions and their public. They also manage dubbing with local actors.

Anyway anybody is free to make a contract according to language or territory and distribution works this way whole 20th century and i am not sure how do you want to change it, perhaps you dont want to abolish languages and national cultural specificity.


> it's disappointing to hear from the Commission

Yes it is. Whatever the subject. Every time this commission open their collective mouths I feel embarrassed to be a European.

Have the Pirates considered asking the commission (as in, the entire college) to resign? I honestly feel they're dangerously incompetent.


Incidentally, I subscribe to the comma the observations made by Philippe #Legrain in #FM4's “reality check” today.

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