> These prohibitions do not apply to EU governments and public authorities if they are implemented in order to safeguard public security

That needs to go. Not amended, not reworded. Eliminated.

Why? Because “public #security” is an ill-defined and notoriously malleable concept.


I for one don't want “public security”. I want clear rights and duties and a fair & efficient legal system that understands that protecting fundamental rights ≠ protecting states at all costs, much less providing them with impunity.


You should not fall for marketing terms like "AI" or "machine learning". Instead you should make clear that it doesn't matter what kind of algorithm is implemented (in this case statistical inference ones), *there must always be someone responsible*. This way who wants to use statistical inference or whatever will do so in a safer way.

In general people use algorithms and protocols (not only the computer ones) as a shield from responsabilities.

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