Reports of found on Pedro Sánchez's phone demonstrate the magnitude of the spyware problem.

Hence, I am happy that the European Parliament now provides all Members with the possibility to have their phones checked against Pegasus. As Quaestor responsible for ICT equipment, I was involved in the test phase. Ensuring is one of my priorities.

@marcel_kolaja Wouldn't it be better to use GNU/Linux phones with kill switches?

And as EP can, make laws ordering mandatory open source firmware for phones and wrist devices able to be used as phones. To allow them to run open source operating systems as GNU/Linux ones. And with mandatory kill switches too. Under "FREEDOM of OS"

And perhaps a mandatory hardened IP/PBX open source system, as Asterisk, with webs with click2call to communicate with the public would also improve ICT security.

@rysiek @marcel_kolaja I hate seeing anyone's privacy violated but I especially hate it when it's a fellow Peter (Pedro) Sanchez.

@marcel_kolaja Just a reminder that a country in the EU (Poland) having confirmed access to the program, with reports of usage on opposition members.

> It would be unfortunate if Poland's secret services were not equipped with such a surveillance tool.
- Polish Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Kaczyński

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