Commissioner Ylva Johansson totally broke her promise on encryption with the EU law proposal that the @EU_Commission published today.

She also refused to meet with privacy experts like @edri on this new law to force the mass surveillance of private on-line communications.

The Commissioner met with Facebook but has-commissioner-johansson-met? this website hurts my eyes, is there one that I can read without getting a headache? :s

@marcel_kolaja @EU_Commission @edri this is saying one thing and meaning the opposite. if the people with guns have the power to check whether mass surveillance is happening through corporations, then the people with guns consequently have the power to mass surveil. i hate the antichrist.

@marcel_kolaja @EU_Commission @edri

Please use a content warning for websites that are glary or flashing next time. (but thanks for posting about this regardless)

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