I am working on an analysis of the Commission's leaked legislation plans on Artificial Intelligence. And I would like to hear your opinion on definition. How do you read it? Does that definition fit? Too broad? Too narrow?

Covid pasy: Co to je? Co musíte vědět? Co prosazují Piráti? A kdy začnou covid pasy platit?

Latest Czech parliamentary election poll by Kantar confirms that our coalition of Pirátská strana (Greens/EFA) and STAN (EPP) is in the lead. It is clear that Czech citizens want a change. Thank you!

Jak ovlivní akt o digitálních trzích české digitální prostředí?

Přesně o tom budeme zítra od 10:00 debatovat. Hosté byli vybráni tak, aby nechyběl pohled ze strany ochrany práv uživatelů a byznysu.

Pojďte debatovat s námi, budu se těšit! fb.me/e/7z8nvVitC

Another agency puts the coalition of Piráti and STAN on the first place in a Czech parliamentary elections poll! Many thanks to all our supporters!

In Czech parliamentary election polls, Piráti (Greens/EFA) and STAN (EPP) have been gaining more and more support! Czech citizens are getting fed up with the lack of the current PM's leadership during the pandemic and want a change. We truly appreciate the trust!

Další ročník soutěže Časopisu dTest "Spotřeba pro život" je tady. Tak jako ročník minulý i tento zaštituji. Pokud jsi středoškolák, baví tě psaní a zajímáš se o Evropu, určitě jdi do toho! 🙂 spotrebaprozivot.cz/

Executive Vice-President of the European Commission Margrethe Vestager is our guest in the IMCO committee this morning. According to her, competition law enforcement cannot address systemic issues on the markets, and that's why we need the . I fully agree. We need strong .

For the first time in years, there is a new leader in Czech parliamentary elections polls! The coalition of Piráti (Greens/EFA) and STAN (EPP) takes the lead with 29.5%. We are really grateful for the support and we continue to work hard for the citizens!

As recent events in the US have shown, big tech platforms---due to their size---have a systemic role in information amplification. With the new , we need to give people the possibility to choose. The possibility to take back control.

The first poll for the Czech national elections taking into account the recently formed coalitions is here: Piráti + STAN (Greens/EFA + EPP) polling at 25%, 2nd just 1.5% behind ANO (Renew). We'll work hard in the next months to win. novinky.cz/domaci/clanek/prvni

This afternoon, I'll have the pleasure of co-hosting a webinar alongside with my colleague Vice-President Heidi Hautala. If you're looking for interesting discussions and presentations about public procurement in ICT, don't hesitate to register. :-) surveymonkey.com/r/HWC3FXP

In my plenary speech in the European Parliament this week, I reflected on the suspension of Donald Trump's accounts by social networks. I condemn his statements; however, it is really dangerous if companies decide what is appropriate. What is illegal should be decided by courts.

Rekapitulace mojí práce v loňském roce: Byl v mnohém opravdu náročný, ale práce v Evropském parlamentu pokračovala dál. Nabízím souhrn věcí, za které jsem osobně rád, že se povedly. Vždy jedna na měsíc.

The Czech Pirate Party general assembly is backed by Jitsi and runs absolutely flawlessly. Kudos to our technicians who have been doing a great job and long live Free and Software! :-) cf2021.pirati.cz

It happens way too often that posts on social networks get taken down for no apparent reason. Let's change that. The Greens/EFA proposal for Notice and Action would help ensure that illegal content gets taken down while legal stays up. kolaja.eu/en/post/20201215-gre

Christmas is approaching and I have only one wish. Sensible rules for the Internet. Tomorrow, the European Commission shall present their proposal of the . What should it include? Read more in my latest blog post. kolaja.eu/en/post/20201211-a_c

Dnes bude debata o velmi zajímavém tématu. Dopady digitalizace na demokracii a nezávislá média. Je to jedno z témat, kterému se v Evropském parlamentu věnuji. Dalšími hosty jsou Věra Jourová, Michal Klíma a Josef Šlerka. Moderuje David Klimeš. Budu se těšit! facebook.com/events/2875523729

Semi-virtual meeting of my political group. Huge improvement in the videoconferencing system of the European Parliament: Video now works in Chromium! Full participation in remote meetings using fully stack is now possible! Kudos to the services of the Parliament!

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