I fully support protection of children. Law enforcement must prosecute criminals who abuse children. We need to make sure that hotlines remain operational. The Child Sexual Abuse Directive has to be finally implemented. I don't support violating privacy of innocent people. twitter.com/PiratKolaja/status

Better coordination to tackle and investment in digitization and sustainable technologies. That are the main topics Europe should focus on in the upcoming months and years. The response of the European to the speech by Ursula von der Leyen. european-pirateparty.eu/europe

The President of the Commission just said in her speech that algorithms can't operate as black boxes. I add that only Free and Software can truly guarantee that and also that training data must be open data too.

Indeed. We truly need a stronger European health union. Only through better coordination, we will be able to tackle worldwide pandemics. No single Member State can do it on its own. We must strengthen health competences of the Union.

Pan-European coordination for monitoring, collecting, and evaluating relevant data & creating a common pandemic semaphore is necessary in order to efficiently tackle the ongoing pandemic. The State of the Union debate starts any minute. Watch live: multimedia.europarl.europa.eu/

Can citizens be assured that votes of their representatives in the European Parliament are counted as cast? No. Fix? Either cryptographic evidence (math can't be tricked) or transparency (all votes roll call and public). I'll keep insisting on it. kolaja.eu/en/post/20200914-how

A ban on facial recognition in public spaces? The Commission shall look into it. That's in line with the public concern as well as with the clear guidance of the European Parliament. politico.eu/newsletter/ai-deco

@0 I wish it was that simple; however, it would be extremely difficult to relate these two. Data retention was about retaining data just in case. This is about hashing content before encrypting it in order to compare it with a list of known hashes. No that I would agree with either, apparently. 🙂

I've been fighting for freedom on the Internet and for Free and Software my whole life. I strongly disagree with monitoring on-line communication of people. There are better and more effective ways to protect kids than killing open technologies. european-pirateparty.eu/killin

Is the Czech Prime Minister afraid of the ? After having learned that the debate in Czech TV would be with Ivan Bartoš, the leader of the Pirate Party, currently polling second, Babiš ignored all messages from CzechTV and didn't show up for the debate.

I said it already, I'll say it again: Edward Snowden did the right thing. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit found the mass surveillance exposed by Edward Snowden unlawful. Let's take a moment and realize that Edward Snowden made this possible. It's about time to . reuters.com/article/us-usa-nsa

The Commission in Thursday's hearing in IMCO on facial recognition technologies: According to a recent public consultation, people are concerned. The Commission will look into the possibility of a ban of facial recognition technologies for certain uses.

As lockdowns have shown, we need to improve our education system, so that it is what it needs to be in the 21st century: accessible, inclusive, and digital. What can we expect from the German Presidency in that respect? facebook.com/PiratKolaja/video

Are you interested in European politics? Do you have experiences with PR and media relations? Would you like to work in an international environment? If yes, do not hesitate and become a part of our team! jobs.cz/rpd/1505422794/?search

The use of by police and judicial authorities has to be considered high risk. Software should be released as and training data should be to ensure trust and non-discrimination. This scene from RoboCop should be avoided ;-) IMCO vote on Wednesday. twitter.com/PiratKolaja/status

Free, educated, informed, and digitally connected society is what I strive for as a . Edward Snowden acted in the public interest, not for his personal gain. His prosecution must be ceased. As a consequence, all of us will live in a more free and fair society. twitter.com/PiratKolaja/status

Zóny "bez LGBT", za které se prohlašují některá polská města, jsou odstrašující příklady diskriminace. Patří mezi ně i dvě polská partnerská města Mikulova a Dolního Benešova. S Františkem Kopřivou, Zuzanou Klusovou a Lukášem Dubcem vyzýváme tyto obce k vypovězení partnerských dohod.

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