hearing with minister Darko Horvat just finished. Two resonating topics: fundamental rights protection in the age of and dual quality of products. I asked on these topics on behalf of Greens/EFA too. This is a strong signal towards where IMCO's priorities lie.

Gratuluji Ivanu Bartošovi k suverénnímu výsledku ve volbě předsedy Pirátské strany. Potvrdilo se, že Ivan je dobrým předsedou, s jehož výsledky jsou členové spokojeni. Těším se na spolupráci vedoucí k prosazování pirátských priorit v Česku i v Evropě!

In roughly two hours, works of František Halas, Vítězslav Novák, and Josef Velenovský (among others) will become free in most of Europe. Happy Public Domain Day and successful year 2020! en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_i

Decision about the division of work between committees of the European Parliament on the Digital Services Act INI report postponed to the next Conference Of Presidents on January 6. Looking forward to the fruitful cooperation with Alexandra Geese, our shadow rapporteur in IMCO!

Poslanci ANO vyjádří důvěru nové Komisi a při první možné příležitosti podpořit její klíčovou agendu ji podrazí. Je tohle normální? archiv.ihned.cz/c1-66693030-ba

V pondělí se provalí, že vlivný člen pražské ODS se v Česku neeticky stará o dobré jméno Číny, a dnes členové politické skupiny ECR, které je ODS letitým členem, zaštiťují promítání téhle politické agitky proti potratům? Fakt povedený týden pro ODS. A to je teprve středa! ;-)

European Commission raises concerns about French Avia law on hate speech as it goes against article 3, 14, and 15 of the E-commerce Directive. nextinpact.com/news/108442-loi

I co-hosted a conference on a core topic "The Future of Internet Regulation" on Tuesday. For anyone interested, here's the recording: web-greensefa.streamovations.b

@aral @Gargron
I'm the MEP co-hosting the conference and the one on the call yesterday. I hope we were able to clarify the misunderstanding. There's been no intention to censor. My team and I wanted to make sure that the message about what Mastodon is and what decentralized and federated systems are is understood by the audience. I've been a supporter of Free Software for over two decades and we do use decentralized systems like Nextcloud, Matrix, and Mastodon in our team. Thanks for the talk!

On a Greens' question related to personal data protection, Commissioner-designate Thierry Breton implied today that citizens should be able to sell their data. No indication that personal data protection is crucial in the digital era. That is a confusing answer at best, isn't it?

Commissioner-designate T. Breton confirmed today that the principle of intermediary liability regime as set by the e-Commerce Directive will stay preserved by the Digital Services Act. I'm happy to hear that and look forward to work with the Commission on future digital acts!

Sylvie Goulard rejected by IMCO/ITRE committees. The fact that she didn't seem to see an ethical problem with taking € 10 000 per month from a US think-tank while being an MEP raises serious concerns for someone wanting to hold one of the most high profile jobs in the EU.

A 2/3 majority has not been reached among IMCO and ITRE coordinators to approve Sylvie Goulard as a Commissioner after the second IMCO/ITRE committee hearing. Now, her approval will be in the hands of all IMCO/ITRE members. In half an hour.

The second IMCO/ITRE hearing with Sylvie Goulard will conclude in a couple of minutes. The hearing gave her a fair chance to address the gaps that remained open in her written answers. We will learn whether she managed to convince a 2/3 majority of the political groups in IMCO and ITRE in a few hours. Stay tuned!

Axel Voss claimed that it was a mistake that the sport rights amendment got into the Copyright Directive at the JURI committee vote. This week, however, the EPP group questioned Commissioner-designate Vestager what concrete plans she has on illegal streaming of sport events!

I regret that Margrethe Vestager is happy about the outcome of the copyright reform process, as she stated in her today's hearing in the European Parliament. The copyright demonstrations in Europe showed that people are concerned about their fundamental rights on-line and this is something we will need to consider during the discussions about the Digital Services Act.

Commissioner-designate Margrethe Vestager in her today's hearing in the European Parliament: "There are two types of businesses: Those that are already digital and those that will become digital soon". I am looking forward to cooperate on unlocking the digital potential!

I've been in an external meeting of the European Parliament's bureau in The Jean Monnet House in France since yesterday. We discuss how to make the Parliament more effective and closer to citizens. I promote an idea of openness through digitization.

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