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Skoro se až nechce věřit, že už to je rok, co jste mě zvolili do Evropského parlamentu. Prohlédněte si, co osobně považuji za nejdůležitější události jednotlivých měsíců od mého zvolení.

My new additions to Saliba draft report on the Digital Services Act: no to mandatory filters; proper complaint and redress mechanism; transparency, interoperability & interconnectivity obligation on platforms. Read more in my latest blog post.

The Digital Services Act will be one of the most important pieces of European legislation in this term, determining what the Internet will look like in upcoming decades. I summarized my amendments to several draft reports in my blog post:

Indeed, a huge milestone for transparent & open digitization has been reached in the last plenary session. The European Parliament recognizes the added value of Free and Software and calls for open data. One of the core ideas adopted!

With the help of DG ITEC, I made sure that the leak isn't related to a system run by the Parliament and that it doesn't contain Parliament data. Now, the EDPS should investigate for breach of law, its severity, and consequences.

I asked Commissioner Breton in IMCO hearing to elaborate on the European roadmap to lifting coronavirus containment measures, which suggests that social networks can offer data based on searches and posts. Unfortunately, his answer was somewhat unrelated.

Unfortunately, France indeed adopted the widely criticized on Wednesday. Since it's applicable from July 1, platforms have less than 50 days to implement the new rules, including taking down certain type of content within 1 hour.

A to bude Česko za dva roky předsedat Radě. Snad už tou dobou budeme mít anglicky mluvící ministry...

Avia law, the widely criticized French law about Internet regulation, is about to be adopted tomorrow. It could breach several provisions of the e-Commerce Directive, including the principle of no general monitoring. Read my latest blog post to learn more!

Devátý květen, . Připomenutí, že jednotná Evropa nás dělá silnějšími. Ideální adept na nový státní svátek v Česku. A den volna navíc asi sneseme... Co myslíte?

So far, no one has been able to present data that would justify the reduction of streaming quality that Commissioner Thierry Breton called for. I insist on taking down discriminatory measures, unless they are justified.

On the way to release the world's largest lockdown, India launches its own tracing app, which, however, raises privacy concerns. In addition to not being Open Source, it collects unnecessary personal data.

Čau lidi, premiér má jistě pravdu: V Evropském parlamentu totiž není na práci nic jiného, než vymýšlet, jak mu zatopit a ještě si na tom přihřát vlastní polívčičku. Věřím, že zejména pro kolegy např. z Nizozemí či Německa se jedná o terno. ;-)

The Digital Services Act shall reform fundamental rules governing the Internet. What I miss in the IMCO draft report? Prohibition of imposing proactive measures among others. What else? Read my latest blog post!

The Digital Services Act shall reform fundamental rules governing the Internet. What I miss in the IMCO draft report? Prohibition of imposing proactive measures among others. What else? Read my latest blog post! :-)

It's unacceptable that any Member State undermines independence of the judiciary. I welcome yesterday's action of the European Commission to initiate an infringement procedure against Poland over the "muzzle law".

Member States are starting to use tracing mobile apps to fight . See the Member States' measures and my comments to the EU toolbox published by the Commission in my latest blog post. We need to be more ambitious in privacy and data protection.

On Friday, pan-European weekend hackathon begins. I initiated a letter joined by MEPs from six political groups, addressed to Commissioner Mariya Gabriel, asking her to explicitly encourage Free and Open Source Software as part of the challenge.

The European Commission organizes pan-European hackathon on April 24--26. Czechia underrepresented so far. I'm sure, however, more Czech hackers will register, if we spread the news! Register at

Dnes je to přesně 11 let, co Jiří Kadeřávek odstartoval petici k založení Pirátské strany. Oslovilo mě to a zhruba o rok později jsem se připojil. S jeho slovy se totiž nedá nesouhlasit. Ani tehdy, ani dnes. A za tyto myšlenky má stále význam bojovat. <3

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