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Transparency is one of the core values. The general expenditure allowance (GEA) is taxpayers' money; hence, taxpayers have the right to know how MEPs spend it. The European are fully transparent about their GEA spending.

The Commission is drafting a proposal of the Digital Services Act, which shall address illegal content on-line. In order to safeguard fundamental rights, colleagues from my political group and I have drafted a model law on removal of illegal content, transparency, etc. (a so called Notice & Action legislation). We need your feedback. Do you think that this could be implemented on Mastodon? In order to comment, please, reply to this toot or send me a message. @Gargron

Regulating on-line intermediaries and platforms on a Member State level would only fragment the internal market. Hence, we urge the European Commission to swiftly issue the Digital Services Act and temporarily put the Austrian Communication Platforms Act on hold.

My take on the Parliament's position on Artificial Intelligence: Disappointing. It fails at acknowledging the severity of the risks carried by the use of facial recognition in public spaces & insufficient protection for Free and Open Source technologies.

The communication style of the Czech PM Babiš in the Parliament: attacks independent media, questions Member's IQ, calls another one "disgusting", or labels them "Green fanatics".

November's poll for national elections puts the Pirate Party (Greens/EFA) with 21% at the 2nd place! It's great to see that citizens appreciate our work. It gives us hope that if we carry on working hard, we can beat ANO (Renew Europe) of PM Babiš in next year's elections!

ACT NOW to prevent national governments from dismantling encryption! You can help by sending an e-mail to the representative of your country in the Council. Read more and find draft letters in several European languages in my latest blog post.

During the pandemic, many pupils can't access on-line classes due to poor Internet connectivity or lack of equipment.

We have to change that.

Hence, tackling these issues must be placed among top priorities in national plans for the Recovery Fund.

My analysis of the Parliament's position on the , namely in the following aspects: decision on illegality, notice and action and safeguards against abuse, counter-notices, dispute settlement, transparency, interoperability, and more:

Dnes od 16:00 budu mít on-line přednášku na konferenci .

Budu mluvit o budoucí legislativě, které se v Evropském parlamentu intenzivně věnuji. Jde především o odstraňování teroristického obsahu on-line, umělou inteligenci a akt o digitálních službách.

How to protect citizens from the potential abuse of ? How will the European Commission address citizens' concerns about the use of facial recognition? I asked Commissioner Thierry Breton in last week's Artificial Intelligence Committee hearing.

Unified notice-and-action, the final decision about illegality of content remaining on the competence of courts, and interoperability obligation for dominant platforms, which will give users freedom of choice. That's what I supported in the reports last week.

There is no legitimate reason for geoblocking of on-line content, which is a kind of violation of free movement within the Union. When we finally abolish geoblocking, all European citizens will benefit from that.

Popularity of Renew Europe's ANO (Babiš party) has been steadily declining since April according to polls (24.5% currently). Piráti (Greens/EFA) 2nd at 19%. GUE/NGL
and S&D parties below the 5% threshold needed to get seats in the Chamber of Deputies.

I said it already, I'll say it again: Representing citizens must not be conditioned upon agreeing to the Terms of Service of a particular company. I've been pressuring the Parliament to introduce a new remote voting system, independent of iCloud. That shall be rolled out soon.

Jaký je vliv Pirátů v Evropském parlamentu rok od začátku mandátu? Dle VoteWatch Europe jsem druhý nejvlivnější český europoslanec, celkově pak 64. ze 705. Piráti potvrzují, že se lze prosadit i v Evropě.

My sincere congratulations to Adéla Šípová, our new Senator! It's also great to see that supporting a common European approach to immigration and asylum isn't a deal breaker for citizens despite the fact that the political debate on this topic is rather distorted in CZ.

Rád spolupracuji s lidmi napříč politickými stranami, pokud prosazují dobré věci. Tak jako ve spolku Otevřená města, kde jsme s Michalem Šmardou podporovali rozvoj otevřených samospráv. Michal kandiduje do Senátu v obvodu 51 (Žďár nad Sázavou) a myslím si, že si zaslouží Váš hlas.

Regional election results in black & white! And in grey where Piráti and STAN ran on a joint list. The jumped from 5 to 99 seats, which is the biggest increase among all political parties. Thanks again for your support!

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