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Jak ovlivní akt o digitálních trzích české digitální prostředí?

Přesně o tom budeme zítra od 10:00 debatovat. Hosté byli vybráni tak, aby nechyběl pohled ze strany ochrany práv uživatelů a byznysu.

Pojďte debatovat s námi, budu se těšit!

Another agency puts the coalition of Piráti and STAN on the first place in a Czech parliamentary elections poll! Many thanks to all our supporters!

It's crucial to set the right definition of Artificial Intelligence in order to ensure legal certainty for businesses as well as consumer trust. Broad definition or no definition at all may jeopardize this.

Due to the pandemic, education moved from schools to on-line classes. Many pupils have been struggling because of insufficient equipment. Education must not be a privilege. I'm glad that the Parliament adopted the Shaping digital education policy report, which I worked on.

The European citizens want equal access to content on-line. Hence, it's disappointing to hear from the Commission that they have no plans before the end of 2022 whatsoever to propose any kind of measures to abolish unjustified geo-blocking.

4) And last but not least, Cory @doctorow ( @pluralistic ): An award-winning science fiction author and Special Advisor at the @eff. The Electronic Frontier Foundation defends citizens' civil liberties in the digital world.

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3) Anna Colaps: Member of the Cabinet of the European Data Protection Supervisor. Her focus is data protection of citizens.

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2) Vanessa Turner: Senior Advisor on Competition at BEUC. She will address the legislation proposal from the consumer's perspective.

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1) Prabhat Agarwal: The Commission's head of unit in charge of drafting the Digital Markets Act. He will speak about the legislation proposal.

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How will the European citizens benefit from the ?

That's precisely what we are going to discuss together with four experts on the matter this Thursday from 5 p.m.

Who are the experts that will join? Let me introduce them:

In Czech parliamentary election polls, Piráti (Greens/EFA) and STAN (EPP) have been gaining more and more support! Czech citizens are getting fed up with the lack of the current PM's leadership during the pandemic and want a change. We truly appreciate the trust!

Members of the European Parliament are still not able to verify whether their votes in the committees were counted as cast, despite the fact that the rules of procedure require that. I will re-open the debate on that matter in the Bureau.

Maďarská politická strana premiéra Viktora Orbána tento týden konečně opustila politickou skupinu Evropských lidovců (), jejíž proevropské hodnoty konstantně porušovala. Kdo budou jejich noví kolegové v Evropském parlamentu? nebo ?

Great news this week! IMCO speaks against geo-blocking. My colleagues and I point out issues in the geo-blocking regulation and ask about Commission's plans to address them. Unequal access to digital services is unacceptable in the 21st century.

Další ročník soutěže Časopisu dTest "Spotřeba pro život" je tady. Tak jako ročník minulý i tento zaštituji. Pokud jsi středoškolák, baví tě psaní a zajímáš se o Evropu, určitě jdi do toho! 🙂

Executive Vice-President of the European Commission Margrethe Vestager is our guest in the IMCO committee this morning. According to her, competition law enforcement cannot address systemic issues on the markets, and that's why we need the . I fully agree. We need strong .

I am excited to have received the trust of Greens/EFA in becoming the shadow rapporteur for the . I am looking forward to cooperation with Andreas Schwab, Evelyne Gebhardt, Andrius Ansip, Martin Schirdewan on making digital markets more competitive!

For the first time in years, there is a new leader in Czech parliamentary elections polls! The coalition of Piráti (Greens/EFA) and STAN (EPP) takes the lead with 29.5%. We are really grateful for the support and we continue to work hard for the citizens!

It's "I love Free Software Day" today. Let's thank Free Software developers by sharing what your favorite Free and Software is! My favorite ones are restic and Syncthing. What is your favorite Free Software?

As recent events in the US have shown, big tech platforms---due to their size---have a systemic role in information amplification. With the new , we need to give people the possibility to choose. The possibility to take back control.

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