Criticism over rarely approaches privacy issues. However, 5G creates a world in which profiling and surveillance are more present and pervasive; a giant step on the road to social techno-control. 💻 Read more about 5G privacy threats! 🏴


@mikulas_peksa exactly. Wireless micro cameras and sensors everywhere. In the name of Security and Eficiency. This will be the biggest "advantage" of the 5G and IoT. Unfortunately, instead of talking about this upcoming techno-totality, people are saturated by facebook-amplified trends. It seems like we already live in the tech-totality, just most of us haven't realized that yet.

@mikulas_peksa moreover, there's no real freedom anymore, because there's no audience besides Facebook, YouTube and other official (censored) channels. Of course, you can run your own webpage, but without publishing it on these official channels? Have a good luck. The biggest difference is between the "freedom" and the "real freedom".

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