Ongoing discussions regarding Digital Services Act cannot accept thinking out-of-box. Our whole society is trapped in discussions about how to regulate the big, centralized platforms, rather than give the opportunity to expand for decentralized platforms like Mastodon.

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@mikulas_peksa @sesivany Allow me to interject for a moment. Mastodon is merely an implementation of Fediverse, much like Postfix is implementation of e-mail. My own instance interoperates with hosts running Mastodon, while not sharing the code base. We do share the Fediverse "platform". Mastodon is only a "platform" in the exclusionary vision of its maintainer.

trapped in a discussion on the wrong topic

The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis states that “language pre-determines thought”.

This article notes that Fediverse promotion seems to fail because it’s too developer-centric instead of user-centric.

“Decentralization”, perhaps, is another vocabulary word that means too much to developers and too little to users. #YearOfDecentralization! #YearOfTheFediverse!

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This is such an interesting topic, and a big opportunity to bring changes here. I wrote that forum post, and if enough people want to join we'll set up #FediverseFutures initiative to encourage fedizens to take different approaches.

Besides that at #SocialHub there's the effort to erect a Special Interest Group for #interoperability and to lobby for the EU Digital Markets Act. Here we just talked about positioning #fediverse as decentralized alternative

@category_mirrory @mikulas_peksa @pro @humanetech totally in agreement. Mastodon can be advertised as a product. Something that common users can understand, but the Fediverse is kinda difficult to explain

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Things needs time + effort to be grasped and embraced by the masses. Terms as 'internet' and 'web' are just as abstract as 'fediverse'. Others like 'mail' have changed meaning, no longer referring to snail mail first.

And monopolists to their delight saw terminology align with their brand, like 'googling' for search. Something where DDG has no answer for (I sometimes use 'ducking')

Fediverse is something vibrant and new that arose from the web.

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I am optimistic that the fediverse will get more popular with time. There are people that say that things like Mastodon and Pleroma are gonna be just niche experiments forever, but lately I've seen that there is a worry from common people about facebook and the likes holding our data in one place. You are right, we just need more time

@urien2 @humanetech @category_mirrory @pro absolutely! It will happen, we just need to be patient and active + promote it on the traditional social media.

@mikulas_peksa Well, people need guides, tutorials and easy explanation, why Mastodon or something like that is better. People doesn't understand what can imagine under words like "decentralization" "freedom" "open source". This is a same reason why i started record videos about Linux on mainstream platform - YouTube.

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