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It's unacceptable if Members of the European Parliament have to use a service provided by an American company and agree to their Terms of Service in order to exercise the mandate. Representing citizens must not be conditioned upon using iCloud.

Unified notice-and-action, the final decision about illegality of content remaining on the competence of courts, and interoperability obligation for dominant platforms, which will give users freedom of choice. That's what I supported in the reports last week.

There is no legitimate reason for geoblocking of on-line content, which is a kind of violation of free movement within the Union. When we finally abolish geoblocking, all European citizens will benefit from that.

Popularity of Renew Europe's ANO (Babiš party) has been steadily declining since April according to polls (24.5% currently). Piráti (Greens/EFA) 2nd at 19%. GUE/NGL
and S&D parties below the 5% threshold needed to get seats in the Chamber of Deputies.

I said it already, I'll say it again: Representing citizens must not be conditioned upon agreeing to the Terms of Service of a particular company. I've been pressuring the Parliament to introduce a new remote voting system, independent of iCloud. That shall be rolled out soon.

Jaký je vliv Pirátů v Evropském parlamentu rok od začátku mandátu? Dle VoteWatch Europe jsem druhý nejvlivnější český europoslanec, celkově pak 64. ze 705. Piráti potvrzují, že se lze prosadit i v Evropě.

My sincere congratulations to Adéla Šípová, our new Senator! It's also great to see that supporting a common European approach to immigration and asylum isn't a deal breaker for citizens despite the fact that the political debate on this topic is rather distorted in CZ.

Rád spolupracuji s lidmi napříč politickými stranami, pokud prosazují dobré věci. Tak jako ve spolku Otevřená města, kde jsme s Michalem Šmardou podporovali rozvoj otevřených samospráv. Michal kandiduje do Senátu v obvodu 51 (Žďár nad Sázavou) a myslím si, že si zaslouží Váš hlas.

Regional election results in black & white! And in grey where Piráti and STAN ran on a joint list. The jumped from 5 to 99 seats, which is the biggest increase among all political parties. Thanks again for your support!

Unlike the response of Viktor Orbán, Commissioner Jourová's words were absolutely appropriate. I would, however, appreciate if she were equally vocal on rule of law issues in Czechia.

Last week was full eventful from the perspective of the Digital Services Act. On Monday, the IMCO committee voted on the Saliba report on the . Fair compromises on many topics: notice & action, transparency, dispute settlement, interoperability. Following that, my colleagues and I hosted an event on Thursday, where the Digital Services Act and our model law on Notice & Action was discussed. Stay tuned for more updates about the Digital Services Act!

Bez ohledu na politickou příslušnost, vždy budu stát za lidmi, kteří říkají pravdu. Jakýkoli postih Věry Jourové za tento výrok je naprosto nepřípustný. Teď by ještě paní komisařka měla dodat, jakou "demokracii" vytváří Orbánův přítel Andrej Babiš.

I fully support protection of children. Law enforcement must prosecute criminals who abuse children. We need to make sure that hotlines remain operational. The Child Sexual Abuse Directive has to be finally implemented. I don't support violating privacy of innocent people.

Better coordination to tackle and investment in digitization and sustainable technologies. That are the main topics Europe should focus on in the upcoming months and years. The response of the European to the speech by Ursula von der Leyen.

The President of the Commission just said in her speech that algorithms can't operate as black boxes. I add that only Free and Software can truly guarantee that and also that training data must be open data too.

Indeed. We truly need a stronger European health union. Only through better coordination, we will be able to tackle worldwide pandemics. No single Member State can do it on its own. We must strengthen health competences of the Union.

Pan-European coordination for monitoring, collecting, and evaluating relevant data & creating a common pandemic semaphore is necessary in order to efficiently tackle the ongoing pandemic. The State of the Union debate starts any minute. Watch live:

Can citizens be assured that votes of their representatives in the European Parliament are counted as cast? No. Fix? Either cryptographic evidence (math can't be tricked) or transparency (all votes roll call and public). I'll keep insisting on it.

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