Sylvie Goulard rejected by IMCO/ITRE committees. The fact that she didn't seem to see an ethical problem with taking € 10 000 per month from a US think-tank while being an MEP raises serious concerns for someone wanting to hold one of the most high profile jobs in the EU.

A 2/3 majority has not been reached among IMCO and ITRE coordinators to approve Sylvie Goulard as a Commissioner after the second IMCO/ITRE committee hearing. Now, her approval will be in the hands of all IMCO/ITRE members. In half an hour.

The second IMCO/ITRE hearing with Sylvie Goulard will conclude in a couple of minutes. The hearing gave her a fair chance to address the gaps that remained open in her written answers. We will learn whether she managed to convince a 2/3 majority of the political groups in IMCO and ITRE in a few hours. Stay tuned!

Axel Voss claimed that it was a mistake that the sport rights amendment got into the Copyright Directive at the JURI committee vote. This week, however, the EPP group questioned Commissioner-designate Vestager what concrete plans she has on illegal streaming of sport events!

I regret that Margrethe Vestager is happy about the outcome of the copyright reform process, as she stated in her today's hearing in the European Parliament. The copyright demonstrations in Europe showed that people are concerned about their fundamental rights on-line and this is something we will need to consider during the discussions about the Digital Services Act.

Commissioner-designate Margrethe Vestager in her today's hearing in the European Parliament: "There are two types of businesses: Those that are already digital and those that will become digital soon". I am looking forward to cooperate on unlocking the digital potential!

I've been in an external meeting of the European Parliament's bureau in The Jean Monnet House in France since yesterday. We discuss how to make the Parliament more effective and closer to citizens. I promote an idea of openness through digitization.

Digital agenda is in the new Commission structure split between Margrethe Vestager, Sylvie Goulard, and Mariya Gabriel. I am looking forward to collaborating on promoting competitiveness and digitization while protecting fundamental rights on-line. No time for procrastination. I am meeting Margrethe Vestager in 15 minutes and Sylvie Goulard tomorrow. 🙂

Just a kindly reminder that I am looking for an assistant to my capacity of a Vice-President of the European Parliament. This position is still open and the deadline to apply is tomorrow!

Security updates installed, firewall active. Hopefully, I can go to an event for hackers. ;-)

I am traveling to CCCamp in Germany today, where I'll participate in a panel discussion about intermediary liability tomorrow. CCCamp is an international event for hackers and associated life forms providing a possibility to exchange technical, social, and political ideas. The train of Czech Railways was more than 2 hours late, so I had to stand between Brno and Pardubice in a RegioJet train 🙂 I am probably not going to catch the train to Berlin; however, I'll hopefully get there eventually. 🙂

Dnes si připomínáme okupaci i události o rok později. Naplňuje mě to nadějí, že pojem svoboda pro většinu z nás stále hodně znamená. Budu usilovně pracovat na tom, aby populisté nalézali co nejméně záminek nadávat na EU, která je zárukou svobody. Díky všem, co dnes vzpomínají!

The delegation of the European Pirates in the European Parliament is looking for more staff:

IT administrator:

European law advisor in Brussels:

PR and marketing assistant:

Regional administrative assistant (Brno/Prague):

Software Developer:

If you're interested, don't miss the deadline to apply!

We just met one of the former Pirate MEPs Amelia Andersdotter. It was a pleasure!

S Janem Bumbou na Českém rozhlasu také o tom proč a jak si kvůli fake news nenechat sebrat svobodu slova cenzurními opatřeními.

Just a kindly reminder: We are looking for staff! Some of the open positions close tomorrow! So, if you are interested, don't forget to apply!

Congratulations to my colleague Heidi Hautala on her election as Vice-President of the European Parliament! I look forward to working with her in the Bureau of the Parliament on promoting transparency.

Právě jsem si vyzvedl klíče od kanceláře ve Štrasburku. Bojím se otevřít skříň. Nevím, jak bych vysvětlil, kdyby na mě vypadlo 450 000 EUR. ;-)

I've been nominated by Greens/European Free Alliance for Quaestor of the European Parliament. Big thanks for the trust! I want the Parliament to be more open and transparent as much as I want to promote digitization and environmental protection, which are some of the core topics of the Pirate Party.

Brusel právě teď. Mikuláš ve své řeči vystihl přesně, o co tu jde. Nejde o protest proti Babišovi, jde o demonstraci za zachování právního řádu. Nikdo, ani český premiér, nesmí ohýbat zákon ve svůj soukromý prospěch.

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